Different venue 26 September 2019

We’re at our secondary venue this evening, and we’re bringing a stack of games with us to keep everyone entertained.

See you later.

If you don’t know where our secondary venue is, please contact us.

Statement: Prism Policy on Drug Use

Dear members of the Prism community,

Following our session last week, our venue received a complaint regarding drug use. Allegedly, three young people were seen outside the premises using drugs which resulted in some of them becoming ill and vomiting on the pavement.

We sincerely hope that these young people have no connection with Prism, as we have worked incredibly hard to ensure our young people are fully educated on the dangers of illegal substances.

We would like to remind all our members we have a zero tolerance policy on illegal substances at Prism LGBTQ+. This includes bringing them onto the premises and/or being under the influence of illegal narcotics. When attending the group every young person will have filled out an online membership form which includes details of our rules, so you will all be aware of this.

Should anyone be found carrying illegal substances, they will automatically receive a lifetime suspension from the group. The wider ramifications of this behaviour may include the loss of our venue, affecting all those who attend the group and abide by our values and rules. Alongside this, the reputation of the group will be irrevocably damaged.

Once again, we are hoping this behaviour is not represented by any of the bright, shining, talented stars who attend Prism, and we thank you for taking the time to read this statement.

Yours sincerely,

The Prism Team

Thank you, Lush!

On Good Friday and Easter Saturday, Prism was incredibly lucky to be invited by Lush Coventry to fundraise from the sale of their Charity Pots.

Prism was represented by some of our mentors; Duncan, Chris, Barbara, Simon, and Aimee. They were on hand to answer any questions about Prism or the LGBTQ+ Community in General. The team at Lush were lovely and helped us to raise £283 this money will go to help us support our Young People engage in further activities with our partners both during Prism sessions and across regional events.

All the mentors and young people give our thanks to everyone who bought a charity pot on Friday or Saturday.