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Welcome to Prism Youth Group 

What is Prism Youth Group?                                                                                                                                       
Prism youth group (aka 'Prism') is a social space for people between the ages of 13 and 21.  Prism is a safe environment for you to meet with other young LGBTQ people, as well as get support along the way on issues in your life.
When and where does Prism meet?
We meet regularly every Thursday evening 6-8pm in a lovely location in central Coventry. We don't publish our venue here as we prefer to keep it secret for the welfare of our members.  However, feel free to contact us and we'll give you more information. Once you know where we are, we're nice and easy to find.
What happens at Prism?
As the only LGBTQ youth group in Coventry we feel that we need to provide support to young people.  This could be in the form of talking to a mentor, being guided to a counselling service, or even just having a friend to confide in who understands how you're feeling. These things, combined, is a big part of what makes Prism unique and enables you to create your own community of friends and support.
        However, it is not all about peer support – we go on many trips, hold workshops on topics ranging from sexual health to bullying, and we're also hoping to start holding regular fund raisers that are organised by both mentors and members of the youth group. If you come along to Prism you will be sure to meet new friends, have a chat and find out what it's like to be yourself and explore what that feels like.
Will it be confidential?
Yes.  What is said at Prism stays within Prism - this is a group rule. 
The mentors will never share anything you say in a one-to-one session with other members of the youth group.  However, there are certain circumstances in which the mentoring team may have to break confidentiality, such as if what you have said is perceived as a risk of harm to either yourself or another person.  Only in such extreme circumstances might it be necessary to talk to your parents or to local authorities.  The mentors will not act without your knowledge unless it's an emergency. 
How do I join?
The youth group is totally free to join, and is open for people aged 13-21.  If that's you, then please contact us so we can let you know where to find us etc.  
      At your first session, one of the mentors will take you aside and tell you a bit more about what the group has to offer, and also ask you what you hope to gain from joining Prism (don't worry, it's not a test!). They'll also run through the rules of the group, plus all that boring but necessary health and safety stuff. You'll be given a Prism membership form to fill out, and then voila. Also feel free to bring a familiy member or friend along for support if it will make you feel more comfortable.
Do I have to be gay to come to Prism?
No.  Prism is open to young people who feel that they have some need to be there.  There is no set way that you must define your sexuality or gender identity. 
Do I have to live in Coventry to come?
Nope, although we wont able to refund any travel costs. 
Do members get any say in what happens at Prism?
Yes! There is a feedback and suggestion process to enable you to tell us what you would like to see happen at your youth group.  Communication is a vital part of what makes Prism successful.  All suggestions will be considered, although of course we will have to look at the ideas in relation to safety, practicality and budget.

The Prism Youth Group Rules
These are the rules of Prism.  All members of the youth group are expected to follow these rules – if you fail to do so then you may receive a warning or be suspended from the group,
at the discretion of the mentoring team.  

1.  Listen to other members and to mentors.
2.  One person talking at a time; try not to interrupt other                people.  
3.  Respect the views of other members and of the mentors.
4.  Respect the confidentiality of other members.  Remember:       what is said at Prism stays at Prism.  When talking about a           person you should make them anonymous rather than identify    them.
5.  No drugs or alcohol.  You may not attend Prism under the            influence or in possession
     of drugs or alcohol.  
6.  Obey all safety instructions.  
7.  No smoking outside the designated area(s).  You must not            encourage other people
    to smoke or share your cigarettes/tobacco.  

8.  Respect the fact that not everyone is “out”.
9.  Bullying, violence or discrimination will not be tolerated.  
10.  Keep swearing and bad language to a minimum.  
11.  Do not deface or damage 

Prism at birmingham pride 2013

The youth club mascot Tommy the Teddy Bear