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The P.M.C.

What does PMC stand for?
The PMC is officially known as “The Prism LGBTQ Management Committee”... bit of a mouthful!
What does the PMC do?
In a nutshell, it manages the organisation.  It is the group that makes decisions and organises everything and everyone. 
Who sits on the PMC?
Up to eight people can be on the PMC.  Each person must either be elected atthe AGM  or co-opted by the existing Committee.  A full term lasts for one year, but an individual may run for more than one term.  Electoral Procedures are defined in detail in the AGM Section and the Prism LGBTQ Constitution. 
Can I come along to a PMC meeting?
You may only attend a PMC meeting if you have been invited to do so.  Meetings are not normally open to the public or to the general membership of Prism LGBTQ. This is because the PMC may discuss private or confidential issues that relate to Prism LGBTQ members. 

Then how do I bring something to the attention of the PCM?
If you have an issue that you feel the PMC should be discussing please e-mail us and our secretary will decide whether it should go onto our agenda for the next PMC meeting. You might be invited to attend this meeting if needed, but any invitation is at our discretion.
What are designated officers?
Good question! To be legally recognised our organisation must have three designated officers: chair, treasurer and secretary.  These PMC members have special roles to play.

Profile: Chair

Jordan is the Chair of Prism LGBTQ 2014-15.  It is her role to be the public front of the organisation – she represents us to the public and speaks for us as the head of Prism LGBTQ.  She is ultimately responsible for making sure that all our activities and services (including Prism Youth Group) run in line with all our policies and the law.   She also gets to boss around the rest of the PMC by chairing our committee meetings and even holding us to account: pester-power at work! The office of Chair is sometimes known as “Chairman”. 

Profile: Secretary

Our Secretary this year is Joe.  He gets to do what are often considered unexciting tasks: taking minutes of our meetings, firing-off emails, typing up reports... the list goes on.  However, the Secretary's role is actually very important as it is essential to maintain accurate records of all decisions and actions, and to communicate them effectively.  The Secretary is also responsible     for holding on to all documents – you can spot Joe because he's the one lugging around all the paperwork!